New Activities for International Dot Day!

This month in Creativity Corner, Terry Shay is bringing you a list of new activities to celebrate the first International Dot Day of the decade.

New Activities for International Dot Day!

Every year I am amazed by the projects teachers do to celebrate International Dot Day. This year I was captivated by a project from Gems Modern Academy in Dubai. I asked Padmaja Menon (@pmenon8870), for more information about their celebrations.

Here is what Padmaja told me about their projects:

In Gems Modern Academy Kindergarten, right through the year, children are encouraged to be conscious about the world around them, raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and taking action. Since 2017, International Dot Day celebrations have included art projects with recycled materials.

This has provided a platform for children to learn about different international artists and experiment with different art forms. The children sold their papier-mâché bowls during our Annual Souk Sale.

The proceeds were used to support a charitable cause. Our Head of Kindergarten, Mrs. Daksha Mehta (DAKSHA.M_MHS(at) has spearheaded the dot week celebration and all of the Kindergarten teachers have been involved.

Kindergarten Project – Papier-Mâché Bowls [2018-19]

Concept: Exploring Turkish Artform

As part of the International Dot Day celebrations, Kindergarten classes were introduced to the traditional Turkish art form which is used to decorate ceramics. Cobalt blue and white are the prominent colors used for the pottery.

Children were encouraged to observe different samples of Turkish art and then they created their blueprint on paper which they later transformed on papier-mâché bowls.

The children also connected it to Rajasthani blue pottery and the Delft of the Netherlands.

We mashed the soaked paper and added glue.
We shaped the dough to make bowls.
We created the blueprint on paper and transferred it to the bowls.


Turkish Art Bowls

Kindergarten Project – Papier-Mâché Bowls [2018-19]

Concept: Exploring Kandinsky Artform

As part of the International Dot Day celebrations, Kindergarten Class One students were introduced to the Kandinsky art form. Children learned about the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky and created a work of art inspired by Kandinsky’s concentric circles.


We mashed the soaked newspaper, added glue, and used this to make the bowls.

Papier-mâché bowls were painted using Kandinsky art.

 Quirky Dot Sculptures: Children were read a story which inspired them to make something unique. When they visited the sensorial garden they saw that the clay worms of the garden had broken so they thought of replacing them with quirky birds. Children used white molding clay to make the beak and body of the bird and then they painted the molded clay. Children were delighted to place the birds in the garden. 

Children placed the quirky birds in the sensorial garden.

 Kindergarten Project – Papier-Mâché Bowls[2017-18]

Concept: Exploring Different Artists Art

Our papier-mâché bowl paintings were inspired by different artists. The children were introduced to artists like Joan Miro and Piet Mondrian. They created blueprints on paper and later transferred them onto the bowls. A few classes also chose to paint monochromatic designs on their bowls.

Miro inspired  papier-mâché bowls.
Monochromatic papier-mâché bowls
Piet Mondrian inspired papier-mâché bowls.

Papier-Mâché Coasters[2019-20]

Papier-mâché is  a French word that means ‘chewed paper’ or ‘mashed paper.’ Children re-emphasized the importance of the 3’R’s by creating the coasters with newspaper. The activity helped in developing fine motor and creative skills.


Step 1- We tore the paper and soaked it in water for 4 days.


Step 2- After 4 days we mashed up the paper, added glue and kneaded it like dough.


We used the hardcover of our scrapbooks to create our molds. The rings were made by cutting 1 cm strips and pinning them.


Step 3- We shaped it inside a circular ring, flattened it with a rolling pin, and then let it dry for a few days.


Step 4 – We painted our favorite dotty design on it. 

Our Creations

Our colourful papier-mâché mandala dots.


Our monochromatic papier-mâché dots.

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