5 Games for Multilingual Families

From The Piri-Piri Lexicon: 5 Games for Multilingual Families

Are you a multilingual family? Are you looking for some games the whole family can play together in any language?

We love games the whole family can play together: this means most ages and most languages too. So, when grandma and grandpa come over, they can play too without 2 hours of instructions and translations.

All of the games below can be played in almost any language and can be enjoyed by most family members. Perfect for long rainy winter days or family nights with the grandparents over the holidays. Most of these are also great options to take travelling as they are compact, light and without three hundred little bits and pieces.

5 simple games for multilingual families you can play in any language
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1. Uno

This simple card game is a great game to play from about 5 years old. You don’t really need to talk much for this one, so it works well with family members from different language backgrounds. You can also ask your kids say the colours and numbers out loud when placing them so they get to practice colour and number words in different languages as you play.

There are countless variations of the game available (including a simpler version for younger children). But a simple classic one makes a great travel companion for life. Ours has been around the world already.


You can get the game from Amazon here: France | Deutschland | U.K. | U.S.

2. Dobble

Some might know the game as Spot It. It is a card game with multiple objects on each card. The aim of the game is to call out one item you have on your card that is also on the previous card. It is a speed game. Kids get really good at it. Our almost-8-year-old loves it and is really fast while our 3-year-old is starting to get the gist of it. Obviously, it is great fun to learn a number of words in a specific language. You can even mix and match languages while playing. Great fun.
There are different versions of the game available: some simpler than others and some themed ones.



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