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StoryMakers with Yehudi Mercado FUN FUN FUN WORLD

StoryMakers with Yehudi Mercado FUN FUN FUN WORLD

On StoryMakers, Rocco chats with illustrator Yehudi Mercado, creator of the middle-grade graphic novel, FUN FUN FUN WORLD, a story about a ragtag group of aliens who conquer the earth — or do they?


The Devastorm 5 is an alien warship whose prime directive is to seek out planets to invade and conquer in tribute to the almighty Alien Queen. The only problem is that the crew of Devastorm 5 is the worst in the fleet. In a last-ditch effort to be taken more seriously, the Devastrom 5 crew vows to conquer Earth once and for all. Ground zero for operation “Conquer Earth” is a defunct amusement park called Fun Fun Fun World, overrun by cats and hiding a major secret. Will the crew of the Devastorm 5 be able to complete their mission?


Yehudi Mercado is a former pizza delivery driver and Disney art director living in Los Angeles. From award-winning animated short films to cowriting and art directing the Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game, Yehudi has worked in various media for over 15 years. His creator-owned comics include Buffalo Speedway, Pantalones, TX, Rocket Salvage, Sci-Fu, and Hero Hotel.

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