Around the World In 30 Days Activity Calendar

From Kid World Citizen: Around the World In 30 Days Activity Calendar 

Around the World Calendar- Kid World Citizen
Photo Credit: Kid World Citizen

Travel is an important part of the way we choose to raise our children to be global citizens. Nothing can really replace the experience of culture immersion and meeting diverse people. Travel is a special gift that breaks down ignorant stereotypes and opens their minds to learning new things and adventure.

Unfortunately, there are some years when we can’t travel as much as we would like to. That’s why I love KidWorldCitizen! We can still journey across the globe even though we are at home. There are so many wonderful activities, crafts, recipes, and stories that share little slices of life from around the world. In fact, we can even hopscotch from one continent to the next and travel around the world in 30 days!

Morpho craft- Kid World Citizen
Photo Credit: Kid World Citizen

I thought that maybe some of you might like to join us on our global tour this summer, so I’ve put together a digital calendar with links to a different activity each day. Part of the beauty of this calendar is that it isn’t specific to any one month; you can start it any day of the year. Each week focuses on a different region. They are:

Just download this calendar, open it on your desktop, and click on a link. Each day there is a different activity. For example, you will watch a video of Japanese Taiko drumming, bake Maori fried bread from New Zealand, and make your own Puerto Rican Taíno petroglyphs. Your kids will love it! And you can supplement the activities with books from your local library or have older kids do online research.

Read on and download the Around the World In 30 Days Activity Calendar on Kid World Citizen

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