Quick Crafts for International Dot Day

This month in Creativity Corner, Terry Shay has a few quick crafts in preparation for International Dot Day to help you keep creating all summer!! This first video will show you a fun way to create with shaving cream and paint. Your final projects can be used as a backdrop for your Zoom calls or you can use them in Photoshop to make a really cool and original font, like the title above. Directions for everything are below.

Quick Crafts for International Dot Day

Painting with Shaving Cream

What you will need:
• Paper
• Liquid paint
• Shaving cream
• A mixing stick, like a toothpick
• A spreader

How to Use Your Painting as a Zoom Background


How To Use Photoshop to Make Your Own Font Background

More information about #InternationalDotDay HERE.


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