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StoryMakers with Jessica Dawn STAY AT HOME

StoryMakers with Jessica Dawn  STAY HOME

People all over the world are having to stay at home because of COVID-19. On StoryMakers, author and illustrator, Jessica Dawn, shares her new book, STAY AT HOME, which looks at our many animal friends who stay in their home hibernating for weeks or months every year.

ABOUT the Book

Stay At Home. Helping to normalize this once in a century event. All over the world, billions of people are staying home. We are all staying at home together. It is very important. We can do it. Let us see what else stays in place. Fun light-hearted illustrations. Lots of animals hibernate. Staying at home for weeks, months, or years. They are safe and sound in their home, a tree, or underground until the conditions are safe to come out. We can all do it together. Stay at home until the conditions improve, the experts give the all-clear, and it is safe.

ABOUT Jessica Dawn

Jessica Dawn is a mom, artist, storyteller, and dreamer. She was raised on her family orchard in rural Washington. She loves the outdoors.  Jessica has traveled to 28 countries and counting. She is currently staying at home in Seattle teaching a love for learning and exploring to her child.

As an artist, she enjoys using a combination of hand and digital techniques. Sketching on a Mac is one of her earliest memories. She is constantly sketching and creating. It is her talent, strength, and passion. Sketching outdoors in nature is her happy place. 

From a family of storytellers, Jessica was first published at age nine in a poetry competition. She is still a child at heart. Jessica is Neurodiverse, struggling with and embracing her dyslexia. Writing and reading are difficult for her, but nothing will stop her from getting her stories out to the world.


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