Diverse Books that Talk About Voting and Elections

It’s a little surreal to think that Christmas is only around 10 (or less) Saturdays away, and the 2020 United States Presidential Election is less than two weeks away. This year, like it or not, has flown by.

With the frenzy surrounding the next Presidential Election, Americans are likely feeling a mix of anxiety and hopeful optimism. Adults can process the craziness of this unprecedented time in history. However, it is likely to be a little harder for kids to understand the onslaught of information and discussion swirling around their heads daily.

As complicated as this year’s Presidential Election might be, the youngest generation must understand things like the Electoral College, Fake News, The Right to Vote, how our government works, and the election process itself. As adults, we need to remember that we are all raising future voters, and the right to vote is a gift.

As with many tough subjects, one of the best ways to intrigue and teach young minds is through books.

Here are some great booklist and Books that Talk About Voting and Elections.

FeministBooksForKids.com always has excellent book recommendations and activities for families. Check out their 9 Children’s Books About Elections and Voting.

Mia from Pragmaticmom not only shares some excellent picture book titles, but she’s also even found some great books for the 12-and-up crowd.

“The United States was founded on principles of equality, justice, and the pursuit of happiness, but not everyone was allowed to vote when the country was founded. In fact, it would be centuries before all its citizens became eligible to vote.” View the rest of this story and her Voting and Election Children’s Books list here.

Voting and Election Children’s Books

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesome booklist right here on KidLitTV!

The KidLitTV Team knows that talking about the voting process and the value of a peaceful transition of power in the United States with your kids is important. These 5 Picture Books About Voting books will help introduce your children to the complex systems of our electoral process. Not only are they engaging and informative, but these books might also even make life long voters out of them as well.

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