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This fall, six iNK authors, Vicki Cobb, Kerrie Hollihan, Amy Nathan, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, Roxie Munro, and Carole Boston Weatherford have new books!

Vicki Cobb’s STEM Play:
Why Do I Dry Off? Kids Discover the Science of Evaporation

Grades k-4
For ideas on how to use this book, click HERE
This is the third book in Vicki Cobb’s STEM Play Series. It’s designed to have kids make discoveries. They follow the narration that’s integrated with activities to learn about the cooling effect of evaporation and the role it plays in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Vicki Cobb Website

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul by Carole Boston Weatherford

Aretha Franklin was born to sing. Her musical talent was clear from her earliest days in her father’s Detroit church where her soaring voice spanned more than three octaves. Her string of hit songs earned her the title “The Queen of Soul,” multiple Grammy Awards, and more. But Aretha didn’t just raise her voice in song, she also spoke out against injustice and fought for civil rights. This authoritative, rhythmic picture book biography will captivate young readers with Aretha’s inspiring story.

Atheneum/Simon & Schuster, Quail Ridge Books  
School Library Journal Review
Book Trailer
Carole Boston Weatherford Website

PIKA COUNTRY: Climate Change at the Top of the World by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and Marlo Garnsworthy
Photography by Dan Hartman

Pikas, tiny rabbit relatives living in high altitudes, serve as an entry point toward understanding the consequences of a warming world. Patent, with co-author Garnsworthy, emphasizes the interconnectedness of species with this welcome new title. Readers see a pika “scurry, scurry, hurry” in the mountainous “pika country” near Yellowstone National Park. The writers introduce the idea of climate change and share ideas on how readers can take action. (Nonfiction. 6-9)

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent Website
Marlo Garnsworthy Website
Dan Hartman Website
Pika Country Book Trailer

A RIDE TO REMEMBER: A Civil Rights Story by Sharon Langley and Amy Nathan
Illustrations by Coretta Scott King Award Winner Floyd Cooper

A Ride to Remember tells how a community came together—both black and white—to desegregate the Gwynn Oak Amusement Park. The story is told through the eyes of Sharon Langley, who as an 11-month-old was the first African American child to take a spin on the carousel, with her father by her side.
Abrams Books
“Delivers a beautiful and tender message about equality from the very first page.” Kirkus Reviews

Sharon Langley Website
Amy Nathan
Floyd Cooper
Review: Vicki Cobb Blog
Kirkus Review
Publisher’s Weekly Review


Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you’re a believer in things that go bump in the night or a really science-minded skeptic, there is compelling evidence to suggest that the veil between the living and the dead may be thinner than we think. Ghosts Unveiled! investigates spectral appearances, unsolved mysteries, and eerie hauntings around the world: the Vanishing Hitchhiker, the child-nabbing La Llorona, demon cats and dogs, haunted schools, and even wraiths in bathrooms! Examining eyewitness accounts from both contemporary interviews and historical records as well as physical signs of paranormal activity, this meticulously researched, well-balanced, and spine-tingling book will leave you wondering what is truly beyond the veil.
Hollihan Abrams Books for Young Readers
“The accounts are lively, and by closing with her own glimpse of two ghostly children, she makes common cause with readers eager to believe: ‘It’s all left me shaking my head in wonder.'” — Kirkus Reviews

Kerrie Logan Website
Kerrie chats about and reads her intro to Ghosts Unveiled!

DIVE IN: Swim with Sea Creatures at Their Actual Size
Roxie Munro, Author /

Splash into one of the world’s most alluring— and threatened— habitats, without getting your feet wet.
Without traveling any further than your bookshelf, encounter exquisite coral reef creatures in this clever introduction to underwater life! Brightly illustrated at true-to-life size, Dive In introduces more than twenty undersea creatures. From the brilliantly colored rainbow parrotfish to a venomous southern stingray, follow the path of a scuba diver discovering the many creatures living in a coral reef— including a huge gatefold spread featuring a massive reef shark.
As you go, you’ll find that each detailed, bright spread fits together with the next, charting a journey through one big scene in this meticulously illustrated nonfiction picture book.
Accompanying the vibrant artwork are detailed descriptions of the 29 featured creatures, revealing their intriguing habits and more about the Caribbean coral reef they call home. A key included in the back matter shows how the pages smartly fit together. An index, a map, and a section on protecting coral reefs are also included.
Budding conservationists will love learning about this vital ecosystem of coral reefs around the world from the comforts of home!

Holiday House
Dive In Book Trailer
KidLit TV StoryMakers Interview
How the Book was Made
School Library Journal: “Replete with information and vibrant images, Munro’s newest nonfiction picture book is beautiful.”
More reviews at https://www.roxiemunro.com/dive-in.html
WEBSITE: www.roxiemunro.com
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/roxiemunro
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RoxieMunroStudio
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/roxiesstudio/
BLOG: https://roxiemunro.wordpress.com
SCHOOL TUBE CHANNEL: schooltube.com/channel/roxie_munro_author

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