Diverse Picture Books From Countries Around the World!

Well, here we are–living in a world where even the hardiest travelers are staying home even though they are itching to explore new countries, sights, and locales. As the world continues to practice precautions thanks to COVID-19, world travel is looking a lot different than it did in 2019. But don’t despair! There IS a way to help our kids experience life beyond their zip code without ever leaving the living room.
Here are three excellent Diverse Picture Book Booklists From Countries Around the World; booklists that will help your young explorers learn without ever leaving the couch!

This wonderful booklist was created in honor of Global Diversity Awareness Month (October), but the MCBD team knows that reminding everyone of the positive impact a diverse culture of people can have on society as a whole should be a 365 day-a-year thing! Check out Teni & Tayo’s list of 10 Toys & Books That Celebrate Global Diversity and how positively viewing and appreciating global diversity will allow us to adopt more inclusive practices around the world.

Diverse Picture Book Booklists From Countries Around the World

Melissa from Imagination Soup has a wonderful list of Picture Books From Countries Around the World. This vibrant list of book recommendations introduces diverse cultures to kids while also expanding their worlds. Picture books from different countries give kids an important appreciation for both other cultures and people.

Diverse Picture Book Booklists From Countries Around the World

Barefoot Books is known for producing exceptional and high-quality diverse books for readers of all ages. They have created more than 700 books, spoken word stories, music, animations, characters, puzzles, and games that open children’s hearts and minds to their wonderfully diverse world. Their first app, Barefoot World Atlas, has had 4 million+ downloads and was selected by Apple as one of their top 10 apps of all time. Their YouTube channel has over 150 million views. However, their proudest accomplishment is to have put nearly 25 million books into the hands of children around the world.

When you hold a Barefoot Book in your hand, you know it’s something special! Becky from Kid World Citizen has a beautiful list of world travel books for kids courtesy of Barefoot Books. Enjoy!

Diverse Picture Book Booklists From Countries Around the World

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