Diversity: Down Syndrome Represented in Books

Author, Amanda Doering Tourville, and illustrator, Kristin Sorra, tackle a stories often seen in children’s literature. Here is what School Library Journal had to say:

School Library Journal (April 1, 2010)
    “K-Gr 3- Characters with disabilities are seen through the eyes of their friends, who relate how they behave and how they may seem impolite or distracted, or cause trouble in school. Robby has ADHD, but he’s enjoyable to be around because he loves basketball and likes to try new things. Zack has autism, but his love of airplanes makes him a knowledgeable and fun friend. The message is that patience and understanding are the keys to being a good friend, especially to someone with chronic health problems or difficulties relating to others. Back matter offers a more detailed explanation of the disabilities and “Did You Know?” fact boxes appear on every page. Full-page, colorful illustrations depict multicultural children at home, school, and play. Engaging and empathetic, this set deserves a place on library shelves.”
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One story, My Friend has Down Syndrome, is a story about two friends. One has Down Syndrome and the other does not. To find out more about this book and more on Down Syndrome in kid lit, check out the website:

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