School Library Journal’s Q & A With ‘StoryMakers’ Host Rocco Staino

“StoryMakers host, Rocco Staino, was interviewed by School Library Journal’s Associate Editor Mahnaz Dar leading up to the launch of KidLit TV! Staino described the show as “a mix between Inside the Actor’s Studio and The Tonight Show.”

To date, the host has interviewed authors and illustrators including Dan YaccarinoPat Cummings, Paul O. Zelinsky, Rita Williams-Garcia, Tara Lazar, S. Chris Shirley, Roxie Munro, and others.

Staino described a particularly funny incident that occurred at the first shoot with author, illustrator, and app designer Roxie Munro. Also, Staino drives home the fact that KidLit TV is more than a site and a YouTube channel––it is a community!

You’ll want to tune in to hear some fascinating tidbits about the kid lit creators and catalysts Staino interviews on “StoryMakers”.

Get the full story at School Library Journal.


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