Susan Cain: Networking For Introverts

Susan Cain, author of  Quiet, is interviewed by Marie Forleo on Marie TV! Cain’s belief is the power of introverts lies in what many consider their weaknesses. In this video you’ll learn key ways from Susan Cain to use introverted traits to your benefit in business and life, and discover how to be fully yourself when networking.

There are 5 main tips in the video from Cain, including:

1. Choose Your Business Or Career Wisely. Ask yourself if a job or career will be a good fit for your introverted temperament. Susan Cain suggests choosing a line of work that fits and that you’re also passionate about.

For the other 4 tips, check out the video.

To see Susan Cain’s smash-hit TedTalk that was viewed 5 million times, check it out here!

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