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Field Trip! Clark Public Library

As the first free multimedia website connecting parents and educators with authors, illustrators and their books, KidLit TV celebrates our nation’s schools, teachers, staff and all the hard work they do to support the teaching needs of every student. During American Education Week, KidLit TV went to the Clark Public Library in Clark, New Jersey to interview M. Anthony Rizzo about his book Sir Bentley the Beginning and his wife, Diane Rizzo elementary school librarian.

Field Trip! The Clark Public Library Celebrates Books and Education

“I gave a few seminars during Career Day at one of the schools in Clark and told the children you know now how little you are, you know what you’re good at.” — M. Anthony Rizzo

M. Anthony Rizzo has enjoyed writing poetry for many years. His wife, Diane, is a computer teacher at Hehnly School in Clark where she used to be a librarian. During Diane’s interview she told us the biggest change in the literacy world from a librarian’s point of view is the “loss of books”.

“Make sure you read to children from day one read to them. Even when they are still in your belly, read to them.” –Diane Rizzo

She gives parents and educators advice on what they can do to raise a reluctant reader from day one and says even if they read books on a tablet or on the computer they still need to read no matter what. KidLit TV also celebrated National High Five a Librarian Day by interviewing Diane and hearing her views on literacy today.

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About Sir Bentley: The Beginning

M. Anthony Rizzo’s book, Sir Bentley the Beginning is based on a true story on how he and his wife adopted their Samoyed puppy, Sir Bentley. Sir Bentley began his life on a farm with several brothers and sisters. Months passed and most of the pups were adopted – except for him. He wondered why no one would adopt him. Find out what happens to Sir Bentley as he spends the summer waiting and wishing and HOPING that one day, someone will come to take him to their loving, happy home.


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