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StoryMakers: Barbara McClintock EMMA AND JULIA LOVE BALLET

StoryMakers | Barbara McClintock JULIA LOVES BALLET u0026 LOST AND FOUND
My mother’s biggest fear was running out of paper,
because if there was no paper, I just kept drawing.
– Barbara McClintock

StoryMakers host Rocco Staino and Barbara McClintock discuss her inspiration, illustrations, and latest books. As Rocco is a scholar of life, he jumped at the chance to learn a few beginner ballet moves too! Barbara creates treasured children’s books with a classic feel. She has been drawing the majority of her life and notes her mother’s greatest fear was running out of paper. Why? Running out of paper meant Barbara would continue drawing … anywhere and everywhere!

McClintock’s most recently published book is Emma and Julia Love Ballet. Emma, the young girl, was inspired by the author and illustrator’s sister. Julia, the young woman, is a professional ballet dancer. Readers are able to see a day in the life of both characters simultaneously.

In this interview, we learn some good news: Barbara McClintock is adding a new book to the Lost and Found series! Inspired by her son, Barbara has taken the siblings, Adele and Simon, to China for their latest adventure. Detail oriented children who love exploring the world via books will enjoy Lost and Found: Adele and Simon In China, and Barbara will be taking your suggestions on where they should travel next!

Where should Adele and Simon travel to next?
Let us know in the comment section below.
Barbara McClintock will be checking in!


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[P] STORYMAKERS - Barbara McClintock and Books

Emma and Julia Love Ballet
Emma and Julia Love Ballet - Barbara McClintock
Written and illustrated by Barbara McClintock
Published by Scholastic Press

Emma is little. Julia is big. They both love ballet. Emma takes ballet lessons. So does Julia. Emma is learning to be a ballerina. Julia is a professional ballerina. They are both excited about the big performance in the theater tonight. Emma will be watching from the audience. Julia will be dancing onstage! And afterward, Emma will go backstage to meet her ballet hero! Barbara McClintock’s richly illustrated, heartwarming story is sure to become a perennial favorite.

Lost and Found: Adele and Simon in China
Written and illustrated by Barbara McClintock
Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), October 25, 2016

Now available for pre-order at IndieBound.org.



Award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Barbara McClintock draws like a dream; her “beautifully restrained use of color may evoke a long-ago time, but her compositions are so dynamic that there’s always something for contemporary children to discover.” [Michael Cart, Booklist] Full of humor and wit and strong characterizations, her books are timeless charmers.

Barbara’s books have won 5 New York Times Best Books awards, a New York Times Notable Book citation, a Boston Globe/Horn Book Honor award, and numerous other awards, recommended/best book lists, and starred reviews.

Click here to learn more about Barbara!


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Host: Rocco Staino | Executive Producer: Julie Gribble 

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Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

‘Lost and Found: Adele and Simon in China’ is coming out in October. The KidLit TV team can’t wait!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Daniel Kirk

I was in Nairobi a few months ago, hoping to come up with an idea for a kid’s book. But though I found the city fascinating, I couldn’t really find anything I could readily turn into a story! So I’d love to see what Barbara would do with Nairobi and Kenya, or anywhere in Africa. Great interview, by the way!

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

How about a trip to Nairobi National Park? I agree with you! It would be delightful to see Adele and Simon explore Kenya.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

I’m sure Barbara’s readers would love to visit the ‘Lost City’ — even if it’s just within the pages of her next ‘Lost and Found’.

Kid Lit TV Commenter Jennifer Ferry

I think going to Machu Picchu would be awesome! South America is often overlooked.

Kid Lit TV Commenter patte szewczuk

Loved this interview—funny –enjoyable–and a learning one
What a lovely way a teacher could take the book ”Lost and Found” [ and many futures ones to come] to teach their class
Hey Rocco you should have used a tu-tu while learning balleto
Ok now to my suggestion for a new journey
Ukraine–i am ukrainian and there are not many books out there especially for kids about Ukraine
To conclude this comment–both books are a delight and the drawings fabulous

Kid Lit TV Commenter Julie Gribble

Ukraine is a great choice, too! Thank you so much for this super suggestion. We’ve just included it in our promo for ‘Lost and Found’ !

Kid Lit TV Commenter Ali Tomlinson

How about coming to California to learn about historical frontier lives, native indigenous culture, & explore the Grand Canyon and all California wonders of the world.


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