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StoryMakers | Pat Cummings and H. Chuku Lee  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Pat Cummings and H. Chuku Lee

Award-winning illustrator and SCBWI advisory board member Pat Cummings, and author H. Chuku Lee team up to retell a classic story, “Beauty and the Beast.” Find out how Jean Cocteau’s film inspired them and watch how their version of this 18th-century French classic unfolds in Pat Cummings and H.Chuku Lee’s exclusive StoryMakers interview!

In this remarkable retelling of Beauty and the Beast, award-winning illustrator Pat Cummings creates an enchanted fairy-tale world flavored by the art, architecture, and culture of West Africa, while writer H. Chuku Lee stays true to the story of this beloved classic. With breathtaking palatial settings inspired by the Dogon tribe of Mali and dazzling costumes reminiscent of the clothing seen on Cummings’s own trip to Africa, Beauty and the Beast becomes so much more than just a story—it’s a visual and cultural experience.

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We support  illustrator Pat Cummings and author H. Chuku Lee for Multicultural Childrens Book DayMulticultural Children’s Book Day! From MCCBD:

Multicultural Children’s Books Are:

  • Books that contain characters of color as well as characters that represent a minority point of view. Children need to “find themselves” within the pages of the books they read.
  • Books that share ideas, stories and information about cultures, race, religion, language and traditions.
  • Books that embrace our world and offer children new ways to connect to a diverse and richer world.

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Beauty and The Beast is available at Harper Collins. 

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Kid Lit TV Commenter PragmaticMom

Thank you so much for joining us for Multicultural Children’s Book Day! I love retold fairy tales with a multicultural twist! I hope I win! :)

Kid Lit TV Commenter J Gribble

And the Multicultural Children’s Book Day Twitter chat was chocked-full of valuable resources! So very happy to have participated!


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