Picture Books for Father’s Day

Before you rush out to get dad a new tie or a wrench or a steak dinner for Father’s Day, consider an alternative… I recommend hitting up the local bookstore for a few new books to read together! I have gathered 3 of my favorite new titles below that are perfect for Father’s Day or simply for an expecting father/any day of the year.

These picture books celebrate the warm, tough, hilarious, wise, and devoted feminist dads we know and love.

• Picture Books for Father’s Day


Discover the paw-some world of “Dad You are Pandastic!” – a delightful picture book that captures the un-fur-gettable bond between fathers and their little ones. Experience heartwarming moments and wild adventures shared by endearing animal families, from wise owls to hoppy Hares, all wrapped up in clever animal puns.

This enchanting book makes a memorable gift that will have every dad roaring with pride and laughter. Don’t miss this op-paw-tunity to share a magical reading experience with your family, celebrating the unique and precious love between parent and child. Snuggle up and get ready to go wild with “Dad You are Pandastic!”

Written and Illustrated by Jonathan Hill
Published by Harbourhouse Press Ltd


Leo, Lola’s little brother from Leo Loves Baby Time, is back in a new adventure with Daddy!

Perfect for Father’s Day or every day, this sweet companion to Leo Loves Mommy and spin-off of the best-selling Lola Reads series celebrates the love between young children and their dads. Leo and Daddy love to make pancakes for breakfast, dance to the beat, and go to the park together. When it’s time to sleep, Daddy’s hugs are the snuggliest.

Written by Anna McQuinn and Illustrated by Ruth Hearson
Published by Charlesbridge Publishing


The True Story of Venus and Serena Williams

On the very day this book was released, Serena made her debut return at the French Open and won her first match in a cat suit!

She made mamas all over the world feel like the superheroes they are!!
This inspiring picture book biography tells the story of two of the greatest female tennis players of all-time, and their dad who told them every day, “you are a champion.”

Venus and Serena are trailblazers and disrupters in the world of professional tennis. And we love every minute! Richard Williams is a celebrated champion of a father for explicitly raising girls who never accepted anyone’s limitations. The exhilarating book takes you from a tennis court in Compton, CA, to Olympic gold medals and becoming the #1 ranked women in the sport of tennis.

This book is written by award-winning sports journalist, Howard Bryant, and the gorgeous illustrations are done by Coretta Scott King Award winner Floyd Cooper.

SISTERS AND CHAMPIONS: The True Story of Venus and Serena Williams
Written by Howard Bryant and Illustrated by Floyd Cooper
Published by Philomel Books


I search long and hard to find books about feminist dads who fully support their amazing and fierce daughters. Pet Dad is written and illustrated by Soosh. One of the first things you notice about the book is that the Dad is much larger than his daughter.

When I read the reason behind Soosh making him this way, I melted. The reason is that “this is how she (his daughter) sees him– and this is how many of us see out heroes.”

Larger than life, the story of Pet Dad is a tale of tender interactions and unconditional love. The hula hoop scene where it doesn’t quite fit around Pet Dad; hysterical.

The part of the story where they play chess and make breakfast together full of eggshells, heartwarming. The watercolor illustrations not perfect, just like parenting. They are “natural, personal, and just messy enough to feel authentic”.

Read on for a few more picture books with dynamic feminist dads and daughters.

A diverse list of feminist dads in picture books who support their strong, intelligent, and adventurous daughters achieving their goals and dreams.

Written and Illustrated by Soosh
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


Author Elanna Allen already won our hearts with Poor Little Guy. This new picture book, Pet Dad is just as delightful. Another laugh out loud adventure, this time with a dad and daughter duo.

Led by love, and more importantly, mutual respect, Plum and her dad work out the classic battle of a child wanting a pet and a parent wanting to avoid a pet at all costs.

And desperate times call for desperate measures…. so off Plum’s dad goes to becoming the best pet substitute he can be. From playtime to tummy rubs to ear scratching fun, Pet Dad gives Plum whatever she wants!

However, Pet Dad draws the line at fetch. Of course Plum is determined to train him into the perfect pet (while avoiding a time out by pushing too far). This read aloud is sure to be a hit with dads every where this Father’s Day! Don’t forget to use the recipe for Pet Dad treats to enjoy while reading!

Written and Illustrated by Elanna Allen
Published by Dial Books

Hope these books help the dads in your lives enjoy endless hours of reading pleasure and bonding with kids!!

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