Peanut & Moe Leave a Trail of Clues + Free Printables

From Gina Perry Illustration: Peanut & Moe Leave a Trail of Clues

In every book, there is one spread that seems to take forever. The one that takes a supreme amount of focus to power through. They are usually the best in the book in the end, so I do my best to remember this each time.

For NOW? NOT YET! it wasn’t a page, but the endpapers at the front of the book. It started with a thought ‘how about a map?’. I put it aside as I did the interiors, and then my editor Sam said ‘how about a map?’. And since Tundra is always so generous with the extra details, I could make a separate piece of art for each endpaper once again. Peanut’s map at the other end was FAR FAR easier and freeing to create!

And if you don’t already know, I hid a different animal or bug on every spread of the book (EXCEPT! When they have their joint meltdown, it’s just the mosquitos from the previous page). You can also find all of them on the map OR use the scavenger hunt page in the activity kit for a handy checklist.

Photo Credit: Gina Perry Illustration

Read the rest of Peanut & Moe Leave a Trail of Clues on Gina Perry Illustration.

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