Visit This Library’s Virtual Branch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

From I Love Libraries: Visit This Library’s Virtual Branch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Library's Virtual Branch in Animal Crossing
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With coronavirus continuing to spread, in-person gatherings are off the table—but one librarian in South Carolina is using video games to bring her community together virtually.

Tina Chenoweth, Young Adult Services Manager at the Baxter-Patrick James Island branch of Charleston County Public Library, has been recreating her library in the popular new video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the game, players move to a deserted island, construct buildings and infrastructure, and make their own furniture and decorations. Players across the world can use an online code to visit each other’s islands to explore, exchange resources, or just socialize.

“Even if there weren’t a pandemic happening, I absolutely would have incorporated Animal Crossing into our regular programming because I see it as a great way to get people working together toward a common goal,” Tina told I Love Libraries. “Then the pandemic happened and added that extra layer of interacting with people of all ages we can’t see in person and really made the whole idea that much more meaningful.”

In Animal Crossing, players are given a plot of land on their island where they can build their house; Tina has repurposed hers as a library, complete with a children’s area in a separate room. The island also features an outdoor creative studio with a crafting table that players can use to create their own tools and decorative objects, as well as a bulletin board where players can leave messages for other visitors.

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